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I can’t remember who was the first signature in this book, but having got several companions in it, I decided to try and get as many living companions as possible to sign it. The list soon grew with Big Finish and the Dalek films adding to the possible signatories. (Clicking on some photos, will bring up a photo of me with the appropriate person)





Freema Agyeman


Sophie Aldred


Daphne Ashbrook                              


John Barrowman                              


Lisa Bowerman [Big Finish]


David Brierley


Nicola Bryant


Beth Chalmers [Big Finish]


Tracey Childs [Big Finish]


Noel Clarke


Nicholas Courtney


Bernard Cribbins



Jill Curzon  [Movie]


Arthur Darvill


Janet Fielding


India Fisher [Big Finish]


Carole Ann Ford


Richard Franklin


Karen Gillan


Lisa Greenwood [Big Finish]


Frazer Hines


Louise Jameson


Robert Jezek [Big Finish]


Caroline John


Alex Kingston


Jackie Lane


Bonnie Langford


Bruno Langley


John Leeson


John Levene


Jennie Linden  [Movie]


Katy Manning


Jean Marsh


Caroline Morris [Big Finish]


Maureen O’Brien


Philip Olivier  [Big Finish]


Wendy Padbury


Billie Piper



Peter Purves


William Russell


Elisabeth Sladen


Sheridan Smith   [Big Finish]



Maggie Stables [Big Finish]


Mark Strickson


Sarah Sutton


Mary Tamm


Catherine Tate



Yee Jee Tso


Lalla Ward


Niky Wardley


Matthew Waterhouse


Deborah Watling


Conrad Westmaas [Big Finish]


Anneke Wills


Hamish Wilson [Alternate Jamie]



Nearly there in terms of living companions, but Rebecca Thornhill, Graeme Smith, Sophie Okenodo; Big Finish’s Ciara Janson and Julie Cox; as well as the new series’ Kylie Minogue, Michelle Ryan and Lindsay Duncan, remain.


Updated: November 2011.