The Cavern of Nicola Bryant


Biography - Nicola Bryant

Born : 1962

Height: 5"3

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Hazel

Other info: Nicola writes her own music; Nicola is a vegetarian.

Nicola Bryant was born the daughter of a heating engineer, in 1962, in Surrey, England. She began her training in dance and music at the age of three, studying classical ballet, then jazz and tap dance, the piano, flute and guitar, and finally acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Here, apart from developing her acting skills, she continued her hobbies of golf and music. It was also during her time at drama school, that Nicola married the Broadway singer, Scott Kennedy, although they later separated. Her final production at Webber Douglas was "No, No, Nanette", in which she played the lead. She was spotted by an agent, Terry Carney (William Hartnell's Grand-daughter's husband), and asked to audition for the part of Peri in "Doctor Who", which she got. On leaving "Doctor Who", Nicola appeared in "Blackadder's Christmas Carol" (My, what a jolly young girl !! Yeah, pity she nicked all the presents!), "Dimensions in Time" and the highly successful three "Stranger" videos and The Airzone Solution" with Colin Baker. In 1992, she went to Los Angeles for several months before returning to the UK. In 1995, she appeared as Martine in "The Biz", a children's series, which ran for three series. She also has sung with Colin Baker, Anthony Ainley, Nicholas Courtney and a number of British pop stars on the "Doctor In Distress" record.

Nicola lives in Notting Hill, where her understanding neighbours allow her to write music at all hours of the day and night.

Other television includes: "Cravings"; "Towing The Line"; "Wildseeds"; "All Night Out"; "Assassin"; "The 10%ers"; "Casualty"; and "Doctors"

Film includes: "The Theory of Everything"; "Parting Shots"; "Stargazer"; and "Just Another Page".

London Theatre includes: West End leading roles in "Killing Jessica" (Savoy Theatre), and "Strive" (Duke of York's). Fringe work includes "Lost in Exile" (as Zelda Fitzgerald), "Taboos" (New End Theatre) and "Purple Politics", in which she played over 20 different characters from Marilyn Munroe to Maggie Thatcher.

Nicola has recently appeared in the West End as Candida in Tom Stoppard's "Rock 'N' Roll" at the Duke of York's Theatre.

Other theatre includes: "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (as Honey), "Twelfth Night" (as Olivia), "Skin Deep" (as Erica), and "Come on Jeeves" (as Jill), all at The Gateway, Chester; The Secret Garden" (as Martha) at The Phoenix Theatre, Leicester; "The Tempest" (as Miranda) and Ivanov (as Sasha) at The Arena Stage Theatre, Washington DC; "Absurd Person Singular" (as Eva) at Vienna's English Theatre; "So Long On Lonely Street" (as Clarice) at Watford and on a National Tour. Other tours include "The Great Gatsby" (as Daisy Buchanan), "Thank You For Having Me" (as Sadie), "Home Truths" (as Stephanie Wood), and "Dinner with George" (as Debbie.)

More recently Nicola has returned to playing Peri in Big Finish audio-plays, as well as appearing and directing in plays in their "Judge Dredd" & "UNIT" ranges.

(Paul Leach)

Interesting fact : "Born Analytic" is an anagram of Nicola Bryant



Travelwise, a video for schools produced by MJTV Productions and featuring Nicola along with (among others) Colin Baker, Nicholas Courtney, Sarah Sutton and Peter Miles.

Compiled by Paul Leach.