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The Brigadier


Jason, Crystal & Zog





Jago & Litefoot





Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown [Nicola Bryant]

First TV Story: "Planet of Fire" [with 5th Doctor]

Last TV Story: "Trial of A Timelord: Mindwarp"

Perpugilliam Brown was a wealthy, teenage Botany student from Pasadena. Her mother, Janine, remarried a man that Peri disliked, Howard Foster. Peri still treasured the memory of her father, who died when she was 13, and this was probably why she decided to travel with the Fifth Doctor, as a father substitute as the Doctor appeared to be the age that her father died at. On Androzani Minor, Peri fell into a Spectrox nest, and infected both herself and the Doctor with Spectrox Toxaemia, and as there was only enough antidote for one of them, the Doctor sacrificed himself. Why Peri stayed with the unstable, volatile Sixth Doctor is never explained. Maybe she felt guilty for his regeneration. For a long time, their relationship was one of continual arguments, but by the time their travels took them to Ravalox, the relationship seemed to have calmed down. However, it was all too late. On finding themselves on Thoros Beta, Peri found a drugged Doctor betraying her, and finally ended up as a bald husk into which Lord Kiv, a Mentor, was transferred.

Or did she ? The Doctor is pleased to learn that Peri is not dead, merely living on Krontep with King Ycarnos (not on Earth as his wrestling manager - vicious rumours). However, here is where the timelines seem to diverge. Her marriage seems to have broken down by the time, Peri meets the Seventh Doctor and Chris Cwej ("Bad Therapy") and she is living on Earth again. Following her meeting with the Seventh Doctor, Peri returns to America, where she meets up with the Sixth Doctor who is now travelling with Frobisher (see below), accompanying him for several adventures ("Kane's Story"). Alternatively, the Sixth Doctor returns to Krontep for her ("The Widow's Assassin")

[Nicola Bryant: Nicola was born in Surrey, and attended Webber Douglas drama school, from where she went directly into the part of Peri. After leaving the programme, on television she has appeared in "Blackadder's Christmas Carol", "The 10%ers", "Animal Ark", "Casualty", "Holby City", "My Family" and as Martine in three series of "The Biz", a children's series. Nicola also appeared in the Michael Winner film "Parting Shots" with Peter Davison, and in the "Stranger" series of videos with Colin Baker. Nicola has also returned to Peri & "Doctor Who" in the new Big Finish Audios.

Links: The Official Nicola Bryant Website , The Cavern of Nicola Bryant




Jamie McCrimmon [Frazer Hines]

TV Story: "The Two Doctors"

Comic Strip: “The World Shapers”

Audios: 3 audios from ‘Big Finish’ in 2010.

Travelling with the Second Doctor, Jamie was separated from him when the Doctor was captured by the Sontarans and two Androgums. He was found by the Sixth Doctor, and accompanied him and Peri to Seville to rescue the Second Doctor. Working closely with the Sixth Doctor, he managed to help free the Second Doctor, and left with him.

However, many years later, he again teamed up with the Sixth Doctor, this time with Frobisher (see below) ("The World Shapers") and sacrificed himself to destroy a device that was turning Voords into Cybermen. In August 2009, it was announced that Jamie would be teaming up with the Sixth Doctor again for three audios in April-June 2010.

[Frazer Hines: Frazer was born in Yorkshire, and after studying acting at the Corona Academy, made his professional debut at the age of eight. His first major television role was in "The Silver Sword", followed by appearances in "Emergency Ward 10" and "Coronation Street". After leaving "Doctor Who", he got the part of Joe Sugden in "Emmerdale Farm". He currently manages his own horse stud farm.]




Grant Markham

First Story: "Time of Your Life"

Last Story: ??

Grant, a computer-programmer met the Doctor on the Network, a space station that broadcast entertainment to the planets of the Meson system, where the Doctor had run trying to escape his destiny of becoming the Valeyard. Having survived Death-hunt 3000, the two of them left together to visit Grant's home planet, Agora. However, the planet was being used as a factory for Cybermen, and local people were being cyberised. The Doctor having been captured, Grant joined a gang of rebels to defeat the Cybermen and their aides. At the end (of "Killing Ground"), Grant and the Doctor leave together, for unknown adventures.


Frobisher [Robert Jezek in "The Holy Terror" & "The Maltese Penguin"]

First Story: "The Shape Shifter"

Last Story: "A Cold Day in Hell"

Frobisher, a shape-shifting Whifferdill, met the Doctor on , where they teamed up to trick Josiah W. Dogbolter, a ruthless froglike tycoon to whom the Fifth Doctor refused to sell the TARDIS, out of the bounty that he has put on the Doctor's head. Finding that they make a good team, the two of them left together in the TARDIS, Frobisher now in the form of a 3-foot high penguin. Travelling the galaxy, being dragged into almost every space war, the two of them found themselves in New York, where the Doctor met up with Peri again. The three travel together until the Doctor returned Peri to America, leaving Frobisher with the Seventh Doctor. Having saved a planet from the Ice Warriors, Frobisher decides to stay there.

[Robert Jezek: Robert appeared in the television "Doctor Who" adventure, "Battlefield" as Sergeant Zbrigniev. He has also appeared in the Big Finish adventures "Red Dawn", "The Ratings War" & "Minuet in Hell". Robert also had a small role in the sci-fi film "Event Horizon".]


Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart [Nicholas Courtney]

Stories: "The Spectre of Lanyon Moor" [Big Finish]

"Business Unusual" [BBC Book]

"Dimensions In Time"

The Brigadier despite having appeared with the Second to Fifth and Seventh Doctors, took his time before he appeared with the Sixth ("Dimensions in Time" aside). He first met up with him, whilst the Sixth Doctor was travelling with Evelyn, where they encountered murder, mayhem, and mystery whilst investigating an ancient burial mound. The two met up again, when the Brigadier was captured in Ashdown Forest whilst investigating a software company's new interactive games console, and it was up to the Doctor and his new assistant Mel (see below) to save him.

[Nicholas Courtney: Following National Service, Nicholas Courtney did several temporary jobs until he was accepted by the Webber Douglas drama school. He left after two years, and worked in repertory in Northampton, before moving to London. In 1965 he was first cast in "Doctor Who", as Brett Vyon in "The Daleks' Masterplan", and from 1967 he played the recurring role of the Brigadier. His stage appearances included "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Mousetrap", and his television includes "Minder, "Juliet Bravo", and "Harry Hill". He died in February 2011.]


Jason [Graeme Smith/David Bingham/Noel Sullivan]

First Story: ??

Last Story: "Face Value" (so far)

Having met the Doctor in eighteenth-century France, the Marquis de Saint Evremonde D'Isigny de la Tour (Jason for short), an aristocrat threatened with the guillotine, travelled away in the TARDIS with him. He and the Doctor were summoned to Downing Street by Mrs. Thatcher, who asked them to foil a plot to kidnap a US envoy. The two of them found themselves battling Daleks, Cybermen and Vervoids, as well as an amorous bar owner, and a mercenary. With the envoy safe, Jason left Earth with the Doctor, Crystal & Zog (see below) for Leisureworld on Krennos.

[Graeme Smith: Born and bred in Australia, Graeme studied drama at Sydney's Theatre of Youth. His professional debut was in an Australian tour of "Oliver!", which was followed by "Pal Joey". Soon after arriving in London, he appeared in "Peter Pan - The Musical", "My Fair Lady", "Hello Dolly" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". On television, he appeared in "The Young Doctors", "Prisoner" and "Kings".]

[Noel Sullivan: Noel was a member of the British pop group Hear'Say. Like the other members of the group, he won his part through the talent show Popstars. He spent a year-and-a-half working with the other members of the group, pumping out two number one singles and a number one album. The band broke up two years later. Noel also spent time working many jobs in Ibiza such as videography with Punta Dive. Apart from this he worked in many bars singing honing his talents. He has carved out a career in musical theatre appearing in high-profile UK tours of productions such as Grease, Fame, Flashdance and Love Shack opposite fellow pop alumni Faye Tozer and Jon Lee. He also took part in Channel Five's hit reality TV show Trust Me - I'm A Holiday Rep. He has also appeared in a show in Las Vegas. Noel appeared in the Big Finish audio adaptation of “The Ultimate Adventure”.

Links: Big Finish: The Ultimate Adventure


Crystal [Rebecca Thornhill/Claire Huckle]

First Story: "The Ultimate Adventure"

Last Story: "Face Value" (so far)

Crystal, a twentieth-century nightclub singer, met the Doctor and Jason on their quest to rescue the envoy, and fell in love with him, causing her to accompany him, the Doctor and Zog to Leisureworld. She had a tendency to scream, but was Jason's equal in defending herself against the myriad of monsters that they encountered.

[Rebecca Thornhill: Rebecca was born in Dartford, and trained at the Arts Educational School until 1988. Her first professional engagement was at a Dougie Squires Spectacular in Cannes. She appeared in a cinema advertisement for Levi jeans, and a TV film "Eye on L.A.!". Her other stage appearances include "From Here to Eternity", "Me and My Girl", "Cats", "The Witches of Eastwick", and the touring show "Beyond the Barricades" ("Songs from the shows") ]

[Claire Huckle: Claire trained at the Guildford School of Acting where she was awarded a full scholarship and gained a first class BA Hons degree in musical theatre. Her TV and film credits include two series of “Without Motive” (ITV), “Casualty” (BBC), “A Respectable Trade” (BBC), “Howard Goodall’s 20th Century Greats” (Channel 4), “This is Dom Joly” and “This is Dom Joly 2” (BBC). She was also a presenter of “The Wild Bunch” (BBC). Claire played Crystal in the Big Finish audio adaptation of “The Ultimate Adventure”.]

Links: Big Finish: The Ultimate Adventure


Zog [Stephanie Colburn]

First Story: "The Ultimate Adventure"

Last Story: "Face Value" (so far)

Zog, a small furry Aldeberian, met the Doctor, Jason & Crystal in Delilah's bar, proving himself to be less than effective at fighting, travelling to Earth with them, and then on to Leisureworld. However, his cute, fuzzy exterior, hides a dark secret.

[Stephanie Colburn: Stephanie returned to Doctor Who in 2002, when she played Nintaru in Big Finish's "The Sandman", again opposite Colin Baker.

Zog reappeared in "Dimensions In Time" as one of the Rani's minions]



Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pollard  [India Fisher] 

First Story (with Sixth Doctor): “The Condemned”

Last Story: “Blue Forgotten Planet”

Charlotte Pollard, known as Charley to her friends, began by travelling with the Eighth Doctor, who saved her from her fated death in the crash of the R101 airship. Following the death of a fellow travelling companion, Charley requested that the Doctor take her home. However, after a battle with the Cybermen, Charley was stranded on a desert island in 500,002 (“The Girl Who Never Was”). She therefore spent her time sending out continuous ‘SOS’ signals. However, when the TARDIS did arrive for her, she found the Doctor, but in his Sixth incarnation. Choosing not to reveal her previous (and future) association with the Doctor, she travelled with a suspicious Sixth Doctor, until an encounter with the Viryans led to a new career.

[India Fisher: India Fisher is the daughter of the MP Mark Fisher. She is also the sister of musician Crispin Hunt and of actress Francesca Hunt, who appears with her in the Eighth Doctor audio play “Other Lives”. She is best known as the narrator of BBC cookery programme “Masterchef” and performs voiceovers for television advertisements. She has also appeared in the television series “Dead Ringers” and provided the voice for the character of Sophia Winchell in the flash-animated webcast series “Ghosts of Albion” and of Lora Mezin, a federation officer in the Sci-Fi channel’s “Blake’s 7 Audio Adventures”. She has also appeared in several episodes of the BBC Radio 4 comedy series “Elephants to Catch Eels”, and for Big Finish as Jenine in “Earthsearch: Mindwarp” (with Colin Baker), as Peril Bellamy in Fifth Doctor audio “Winter For The Adept”, and as Cecilia Pollard (Charley’s sister) in “Gallifrey: A Blind Eye”.]

Links: Big Finish: Charlotte Pollard - Series One


Dr. Evelyn Smythe [Maggie Stables]

First Story: "The Marian Conspiracy"

Last Story: “Thicker Than Water”

Dr. Evelyn Smythe, a 65 year-old historian working towards her professorship met the Doctor when he was tracking a nexus point in time, and he discovered that she was intimately involved, as her family was being erased from time. Her eccentricities made her fit in perfectly with the Doctor, and she welcomed the chance to travel with him, as her University (Sheffield Hallam) was trying to pension her off. However, more recently she is beginning to find the horrors that she experiences more difficult to bear. She finally married Governor Rossiter, living with him on the planet Vilag.

[Maggie Stables: When not travelling through time and space with the Sixth Doctor, Maggie Stables was for a time a magistrate in Haringey, North London. She also appeared in "The Sirens of Time", in the Bernice Summerfield adventure, "Just War", and in the Tomorrow People adventure "The Ghosts of Mendez". She died in September 2014.]


Phillipa 'Flip' Jackson [Lisa Greenwood]

First Story: "The Crimes of Thomas Brewster"

Phillipa 'Flip' Jackson first met the Sixth Doctor when he was travelling with Evelyn and Thomas Brewster (a former Fifth Doctor companion). A short while later she met him again, following a capsule falling to Earth near to where she worked. Too reckless for her own good, Flip was always placing herself in the way of harm, a trait the Doctor struggled to rid her of.

[Lisa Greenwood: Appearing on Channel Five's “The Wright Stuff”, Lisa revealed that she has not gone to Stage school however when she was young her mum enrolled her at a Youth Drama Club on Saturdays to make friends as she was a shy child. From this she took part in a youth onstage production of Chicago and got spotted to be in an TV advert. Greenwood got her first agent somewhat by accident, She had applied to work in an agency as an agents assistant, which she did not get, but they gave her an audition which she successfully got. Aside from her role as Flip, Lisa is best known as series regular 'Sissy Cooper' alongside Ben Whishaw and Dominic West in two series of the BBC and BBC America drama “The Hour”. She has also appeared in “Eastenders” and “Call The Midwife”.]


Melanie (Mel) Bush [Bonnie Langford]

First TV Story: "Trial of a Timelord: Terror of the Vervoids"

Last TV Story: "Dragonfire" [with 7th Dr]

Mel, a computer programmer from Pease Pottage, first met up with the Doctor, when the Master was attempting a massive computer fraud, involving all the banking houses in the world. ("Business Unusual") The Doctor begrudgingly teamed up with her, aware that he is on track to become the Valeyard, and finally admitted defeat as she stowed-away on the TARDIS. Mel soon took it upon herself to help the Doctor lose weight, much to his chagrin. Mel had the same sense of curiosity as the Doctor, and therefore, often found herself in trouble, to which her response was to scream. She aided the Doctor in his genocide of the carnivorous Vervoids, and was quick to leap to his defence during his trial. When the TARDIS was knocked off course by the Rani, she was merely stunned, unfortunately the Doctor hit his head on the console and regenerated. She remained with the Seventh Doctor, until they met up with Ace on Iceworld, when she left with Sabalom Glitz.

[Bonnie Langford: Bonnie was born in Hampton Court, Surrey. By the age of six, she had won "Opportunity Knocks", and went on to train at the Arts Educational and Italia Conti stage schools in London. By her early teens she had starred on Broadway, in the West End and in her own television show. In the mid-seventies, she was famous for playing Violet Elizabeth Bott in "Just William", a role which fixed her in the minds of the public as a precocious child star. Since then, before and after "Doctor Who", she has appeared in many more musicals and television variety shows. More recently she has toured in "Spamalot", and with her one-woman show "My West End and More...", and appeared in the West End in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". She has also released several albums of songs from the shows.]

Links: Bonnie


Other companions:


("Dimensions in Time")


("Dimensions in Time")

Mike Yates

("Worlds of Dr Who: Second Sight")


"The Golden Door" [Decalog]*


"The Golden Door" [Decalog]*

* In "The Golden Door", Aleza and Orsa travel with the First Doctor disguised as Steven & Dodo, before meeting up with the Sixth Doctor again.